Be a winner with De Ruiter Rootstock

De Ruiter connects the dots between rootstock and scion. In the coming months, the De Ruiter team will share its knowledge on rootstock with you. Keep a close eye on your mailbox – online and offline!

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The rootstock market is more dynamic than ever

There are many cultivation strategies and methods and just as many specific wishes of growers. De Ruiter is responding to these changing demands, and that is why we are pleased to present you with an exceptional selection of rootstocks

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The challenging promise of De Ruiter

The combination of expertise provided by De Ruiter and Monsanto promises an inspiring future for the rootstock market.With the technology and research capabilities of Monsanto, we will be able to obtain breakthrough results. By working together, we will increase our chance of finding the best genetic material from one in a billion to one in five. Next, we will be able to integrate these discoveries into our new rootstock varieties via traditional crossbreeding.

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Wild tomato from South America

To find out more about the origin of the tomato, we have to go back to South America around the year 1500. It is here that the Spanish conquerors came into contact with what the Aztecs call “xitomatl” in their language. Many years later, wild varieties were found surviving at an altitude of 3000 meters in the Andes Mountains. Some wild tomato varieties which are resistant to the large temperature swings between day and night are a source of amazing vigour and growth and are also not susceptible to corky root. Characteristics of wild varieties are the basis of the modern day rootstock.

The history of the Rootstock



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De Ruiter connects the dots between rootstock and scion. Do you know all about rootstock and how to pick the best one for your tomato variety? Do you know all…

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What rootstock boosts your chances to success?

Their handy online tool which quickly and easily tells you which rootstock could work the best for a particular tomato variety under specific culture conditions and other grower wishes. Based…

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