About de Ruiter

The rootstock market is more dynamic than ever.

There are many cultivation strategies and methods and just as many specific wishes of growers. The selection of varieties has increased over the last years. This means that the rootstock used must meet very specific requirements. De Ruiter is responding to these changing demands, and that is why we are pleased to present our exceptional selection of rootstocks together with some interesting scientific facts and, information on these potential roots for your success.

The challenging promise of De Ruiter

The combination of expertise provided by De Ruiter and Monsanto promises an inspiring future for the rootstock market.

With the technology and research capabilities of Monsanto, we expect to obtain breakthrough results. For example, with the help of marker-assisted plant breeding activities, we will be able to discover valuable characteristics and resistances much more quickly. By working together, we will increase our chance of finding the best genetic material from one in a billion to one in five. Next, we will be able to integrate these discoveries into our new rootstock varieties via traditional crossbreeding. This will become increasingly important, as our selection of rootstock varieties will also have to take into account the specific cultivation conditions used by individual growers all over the world. Speed in terms of innovation and diversity is therefore crucial.

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