De Ruiter has been at the forefront of developing & establishing the commercial rootstock market in Europe from the very start, beginning in the 1960s.

A brief trip back through our rootstock history:

De Ruiter introduces the very first rootstock – ‘KK’ – for tomato varieties. This rootstock is resistant to corky root and Nematodes. The improved resistance to cold also makes it possible to cultivate these varieties earlier in unheated greenhouses.

De Ruiter introduces the ‘KNVF’ rootstock with additional resistances against Verticillium and Fusarium.

De Ruiter continues working on the development of rootstocks with new types of resistance, for example KNVF2.

The improved Japanese grafting technique is introduced and is increasingly being used. The TMKNVF2 Fr. rootstock receives the name: Beaufort.

De Ruiter develops Maxifort, a rootstock which grows 20% more vigorously than the Beaufort, especially for substrate-based cultivation.

Innovative seed priming technology gives the De Ruiter rootstocks an increased speed of germination as well as more consistent germination.

The introduction of Multifort, a unique variety due to its extremely vigorous growth characteristics in combination with resistance to Fusarium 3.

De Ruiter introduces protective coatings (pelleted seeds) for rootstock seeds to ensure even better germination and sowability.

De Ruiter develops various rootstock varieties to respond even more effectively to specific growing conditions and strategies.

De Ruiter introduces the online Rootmap webtool where the growers can answer questions to receive advice on which rootstock best fits their circumstances

De Ruiter is constantly working on new rootstocks. This year we launched a very promising rootstock: DR0141TX. This rootstock is being developed for high tech glasshouses and offers even more growing power, uniform stems and higher productivity.

Monsanto researchers are utilizing the power of wild type tomatoes and new, advanced breeding technologies to deliver rootstocks with better disease resistance and top seed quality. Productivity and reliability will meet and even exceed the needs of growers.

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