Tomato Experience Centre

De Ruiter’s tomato varieties are more successful than ever

We are happy to share that success with you by giving our varieties a prominent place in our demo greenhouse, the Tomato Experience Centre, where over 300 tomato varieties can be seen under one roof. Discover our extensive and very diverse collection of tomato varieties and choose the tomato that best suits your needs. We provide tomatoes in all segments, from plum to cherry and from cocktail to large vine. We are particularly proud of the fact that our tomatoes are IR mildew resistant in virtually all segments. It is for this reason that we have market leading tomato varieties for the autumn cultivation, the illuminated cultivation and the year-round cultivation, and in rootstocks.

Tomato experience centre

In our Tomato Experience Centre you will not only see De Ruiter’s tomatoes, but also those of other seed suppliers. Furthermore, we share all available data about production and shelf life of all varieties with our visitors. You can then compare the tomatoes which you are interested in yourself.

De Ruiter is building a new Tomato Experience: a lit demo greenhouse

De Ruiter’s assortment in the lit tomato cultivation is exceptionally large and fits well with the increase in lit greenhouses. Lights are used in over 30% of all greenhouses in the Benelux and that percentage is increasing, which is why De Ruiter is building a new demo greenhouse: De Ruiter Tomato Experience. This is a brand new 8,000 m2 greenhouse of which 3,200 m2 is lit. The greenhouse will also have a modern meeting centre equipped with every facility. From the beginning of 2018, our customers can come and see the performance of De Ruiter’s varieties in the Tomato Experience Centre for themselves, including those from competitor seed houses. Naturally, all the results of the cultivation will be recorded and shared with the visitors.

You can visit the Tomato Experience Centre by appointment or during one of the two open days, which take place each year at the beginning of June and September.

Would you like to make an appointment? If so, please contact your account manager.

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